Co-production film Monster Hunt sets new box-office record in China

Chinese co-production fantasy film Monster Hunt (《捉妖记》), released on July 16th (Thursday),  has broken China’s opening daybox office record with a first-day gross of $27.7 million (RMB 172 million).According to the latest figures, it has taken in over $107.7 million (RMB 669 million) by, July 19th (Sunday), topping the first-week box-office grossing record of Chinese films. With positive reviews among the audiences, it is now aiming at becoming the highest-grossing Chinese film to date. (The previous record is held by Lost in Thailand)

Monster Hunt is a 3D live-action adventure, set in a fantasy world where humans and monsters battle to rule the land. It is directed by Raman Hui (许诚毅) who is also known for his animation work  in Shrek (franchise). The film is produced by Bill Kong(江志强) from Edko Films. Heis well known as the producer of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.