“Over the Moon” Has Been Nominated for the 93rd Oscar Award

“Over the Moon” has received the 93rd Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature.

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Co-production film Monster Hunt sets new box-office record in China

Monster Hunt is a 3D live-action adventure, set in a fantasy world where humans and monsters battle to rule the land. It is directed by Raman Hui (许诚毅) who is also known for his animation work in Shrek (franchise). The film is produced by Bill Kong(江志强) from Edko Films. He is wel...

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Monk Comes Down the Mountain debuted on 2nd, July.

Monk Comes Down the Mountain (《道士下山》), a Chinese- American co-production, jointly produced by New Classics Media and Columbia Pictures, debuted on 2nd, July. The film tells the story of an innocent young monk who leaves an isolated mountain for an urban community in the 1920s, an...

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