Sino-Foreign Film Co-production Forum held during the 5th BJIFF

The Sino-Foreign Film Co-production Forum and its attached events were held during the 5th BJIFF,including Keynote Forum, Pitching and Individual Meetings of Sino-Foreign Co-productions, and Signing and Release of Cooperation and Co-productions, as to provide a professional plat form for industry players sharing vision and seeking cooperation  opportunities worldwide.

The panelists, including Jean Jacques Annaud,Tom DeSanto, Amanda Nevill and Tae Sung Jeong, Darren Aronofsky, Tsui Hark and Jennifer Yuh Nelson, shared their thoughts on the trends of international film co-production with case study of cross-culture creativity in the current situation, through multi-dimension panel discussion and brainstorms, in the hope of exploring further diversified patterns of Chinese-foreign film co-production as well as a broader horizon for Chinese cinema to seek the audiences across the world.

In addition to the keynote forum, a signingand release session of Chinese-foreign film co-productions, and the pitching andindividual meetings of co-production projects are also held alongside the BJIFF Film Market.